The Importance of Preservation

In 1971, the S.C. Appalachian Council of Governments conducted a study into the region's historical sites.  Out of 43 sites identified in Cherokee County, only 27 remain.

Demolition is forever!  Cherokee County is quickly loosing its identity to suburban sprawl.  When historic sites are destroyed, they cannot be replaced and future generations lose the opportunity to learn about our cultural heritage.  Without these sites, there is no connection to the past and no pride in one's present.  Help us in preserving the cultural heritage of Cherokee County.  Preservation keeps materials alive, whole, and available for use so that they can be authoritatively used as long as possible to document our heritage and our society, and to guide others who will come in the future. As Philip Ward poetically states,

"Our heritage is all that we know of ourselves; what we preserve of it, our only record. That record is our beacon in the darkness of time; the light that guides our steps."

National Register Sites in Cherokee County

The Cherokee Historical and Preservation Society, Inc. was formed in 1969 by a group of citizens concerned about the rapid loss of Cherokee County's historical heritage to development and progress. 

The group now consists of over two-hundred members and has taken great strides to educate the public about the significance of the county's numerous historical sites. 

The Society is pleased to announce the opening of the Cherokee County History and Arts Museum at 301 College Drive in Gaffney, South Carolina on May 17, 2008.  The artifact-based, interactive facility adds a new dimension to the area's already rich culture. 

In addition to the History & Arts Museum, CHAPS, Inc., owns Possum Trot School, located at Exit 90 on I-85, the Vinson-Blanton Burying Ground, and Fort Thicketty, a pre-Revolutionary War structure which is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

The CHAPS board recently adopted a three year strategic plan to guide the organization over the coming years.  View the entire plan here:

CHAPS Strategic Plan

To join CHAPS, Inc., in our preservation and educational efforts, return the membership form or contact us by phone at 864-489-3988, email, or stop by the office.

Executive Board meetings are held monthly on the third Monday evening at 5:00pm at the History & Arts Museum.