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Cherokee County, SC

Note:  This summary of Cherokee County, S.C. history is the property of the Cherokee Historical & Preservation Society, Inc.  Any re-use of this summary, in-part or entirety, should reference and include an active link to our website.

Settlers began to move into what is now Cherokee County in the mid 1700s.  They found Cherokee, Catawba, and Creek Indian tribes who had been using the land for hunting grounds.  As the Native Americans were driven away, more European settlers moved into the area.

During the Revolutionary Period, saw mills, gun shops, flour mills, foundries, ironworks, and other industries increased and the area came to be known as the Iron District.  Two major victories, Kings Mountain and Cowpens were fought in the Spartan and York Districts that would become Cherokee County.

On February 20, 1897, Cherokee County was formed from portions of Spartanburg, Union, and York Counties and Gaffney City was named the county seat.  The Twentieth Century saw the growth and prosperity of the county through the development of agriculture and textiles.  Today, with both declining, Cherokee County is redefining itself both economically and culturally.

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